Abby Gets Her Ears Pierced!

Abby has been asking for YEARS to get her ears pierced. We finally found the time to go get it done yesterday.

She was nervous and excited all at the same time. She was very grown up and picked out a very nice starter pair.

Tricia and I had done a lot of research and had heard from lots of people that the best place to go is a tattoo parlor because they do so many piercings and they typically have very good methods with safe equipment.

We found the Blue Horseshoe Tattoo Parlor in Hampton and Tricia called them to set up a time. Justin, the owner, took great care of Abby and explained everything he was about to do. She didn’t even feel it when the first ear was pierced!

She’s so excited and really taking the care of her new earrings seriously.

Naturally, I took a bunch of photos…here are a few.



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